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Schooldrivers - Ol Johnny (Music Video)

A really special collaboration took place this time, with our buddy Michael Agoulas , who was among two hundred animators and was chosen to make this music video. It was about the alternative rock band Schooldrivers , which has countless lives, as well as an amazing album,Theronation, with 13 excellent songs which also gave them a win at Red Bull Bedroom Jam . We have undertaken to visualize their single Ol Johnny . The original idea of the script came from Mike, depicting society as a woman with a TV head showing tough images, feeding her baby (where she represents the world we're living in) with dirty oil. Knowledge, in the form of a mysterious entity made from books and newspapers, comes and takes the baby from the "Dirty Society", symbolizing that only with education, young people will be able to make our world better. The people of the band were thrilled with the idea because it is a pattern that suits their aesthetic style. So after the characters were modeled, materials, textures, and environment added, we moved to the final animation where all of this came to the final stage of post-production and editing.