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The Adventures Of H & G (Cartoon Series)

We enjoy combining all forms of art, whether it is two or three dimensions, to be honest, we really can't tell which is better, the only thing for sure is that this variety t doesn't make us get bored. This time we messed up with two little fellows where trouble kept us company by making us creative, silly, and also glad to work with. The Adventures of Harry and George is a series of six-minute episodes designed to enhance the learning of the English language to young children through cartoons. The two heroes, through many setbacks they encounter, manage in a funny way to make the education of the students more enjoyable, since the project managers saw that this particular technique receives a more positive response than the classical way of learning. We were entrusted with the design and animation of the series, telling us that they wanted it to be more influenced by classic American cartoons such as The Flintstones, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, etc.


Art Director: Jamie McMorrow
Design & Animation: Passos Apostolos
Sound Design: Alex Huebner
Music: Victor Hugo Fumagalli