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Bulge & Squeeze (After Effects Preset)

Are you tired of separating scale axes and struggling with keyframes to create the classic squash and stretch in your animations? Are you feeling overwhelmed searching around and you don't find a good plugin or script? And in the end, do you ever dream of the warp effect having an anchor point so you don't have to deform your illustrations only from the center?

Boom! That's why we created Bulge & Squeeze. A small squash & stretch preset for After Effects that allows you to create deformation based on the warp effect styles bulge and squeeze. Let's see what it does 😎





• AE CC2019 and newer


Drag and drop the folder "Bulge & Squeeze" with the included *.ffx files into the After Effects presets folder, and restart.
Open AE, you can find them by searching in the Effects & Presets panel as Bulge S&S and Squeeze S&S.

*The thumbnail project files are included.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 20XX\Support Files\Presets\


Version 1.0
Released: 03-02-2024

• Initial release

How it works: