MLC Studios is a hybrid filmmaking and animation studio based in Greece.

In 2014 the conception of an idea that wants to combine aesthetics of cinematic and animation became a reality. It is our need to tell bold and original stories, wrapped up with vibrant and engaging images, pushing always the envelope between filmmaking techniques and digital designs.

To this day, our passion for putting care into everything that moves, seeking always to keep elegance first, is something that defines us in detail and quality, trying our best to deliver art all around the globe.




For us, aesthetics is the most important of all, this is how we approach every outcome. But with the term filmmaking, we are also referring to the technical part. With expertise in footage shooting, 3D or planar tracking, matte painting, particle, liquid, or smoke simulations, 2D or 3D compositing, color grading, and final video editing, we can handle an entire VFX project development from commercials, feature films, TV series music videos and more.


Modern and stylistic is every pixel we create in the 2D or 3D world of moving images. Specialized in character, hand-drawn, 2D animation, and motion design, we offer a wide range of explainer videos, cartoon series, and animated films for TV or digital platforms. But when it comes to adding one more axis into the digital world the same principles affect our workflow. Is there where characters, elements, and scene assets are transformed into three-dimensional models and manipulated with the same successful animated procedure. Rigging, skinning, texturing, lighting, shading, 3D animation, fully CGI simulation interaction, and rendering is the process that will give the message an intense emotion that needs to be precisely conveyed to the audience, in the form of product commercials, styleframe presentations, animated films, and more



50th Thessaloniki Film Festival 2009
For the short film "The Box"

7th Olympia International Film Festival 2004
For the cel animation short film "The Beginning & the End"


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