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The Box (Official Trailer)

It is the  film that was advertised more than any other from our portfolio, shared in a well-known magazine, screened in a city's local cinema won the  2nd Prize at the 50th Thessaloniki Film Festival: 4th Digital Wave, but also 1st Prize at the International Film Festival of Athens. The shooting was too fast and since it was ready within a week, the whole difficulty was more in the editing, since we had a huge problem with the sound due to the microphone failure. So we had to re-record all of the conversations with the actors from the beginning. And of course not to exclude the morning hours when we did the shooting for the knife scene where we also had problems with the police, but beyond all this, the film managed to successfully done and tells us about two brothers who after the death of their beloved mother, the quarrel between them over something so precious to them began.

Watch the film here