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The Elves Of Mill (Official Trailer)

And finally, we did what for so long was achieved and visualized in our minds. Of course not with the push of a button, but with a lot of passion and love for what we do. It was a time when we had to put aside commercials and get involved with movies once again, as it is the great passion of MLC Studios. This time, we raised the bar as much as possible, seeing how far our potential could go. Of course, we are talking about the epic fantasy movie, The Elves of Mill, a fairy tale for young and old, which travels us in the spirit of Christmas with a lot of magic. After the storyboards were made, the filming began in August 2014 and lasted until the end of November, while the post-production and the editing of the film took place at the same time, since Milos ton Xotikon, was very close and there was not enough time. The shooting took place in several areas of Thessaly. Most of them, however, took place at the Matsopoulos Mill and in Krania at Grevena.  There, with great pleasure, we were hosted by the La Moar Hotel, where the friendly environment helped us to spend time in the locations of the village, but also in the appropriate interpretations that the actors should give. After all, they are good friends and volunteers and not professionals. Then, after the production ended with thousands of difficulties, there was only one part of the post-production that would complete the film. With the appearance of the first teaser trailer on the internet, really none of us expected such an impact. News sites such as TrikalanewsTrikkipress, Trikalavoice, Idees Magazine, ThessaliaTVLarissaNet, Ploumistos, and many others, reported the first attempt at the long-range for local cinemas. The film was sold at its own kiosk in the Milos ton Xotikon, which was really in high demand. So after the post-production was over and all the visual effects (VFX), were added, the range of shots become many more, as a result, to give us the official trailer of The Mill Elves: The Quest of Santa Claus. You can not imagine how difficult it all was, with only a few hours of sleep every day, during the four months that the production lasted, to finish the film on time, and at the same time, to shoot daily, with many miles of travel out of town and with all the people acting in the movie. The wooden giant, the gifts, the picturesque locations in nature, and the magic of the elves, were a theme of the visual effects that we encountered in almost every shot, and of course, we do not forget the color grading, which plays a very important role, to make the film look childish and fairytale. It was undoubtedly close to a Hollywood-level project, which had to be done by only a few people. The script, the direction, the design of the costumes, the organization of the actors, the sound design, and the cinematic music, are important factors that can not be absent from major film productions. The purpose was in collaboration with Milos ton Xotikon, the city to get its own Christmas epic fantasy movie, which everyone, young and old will love, and every year will miss this magical journey. But through behind the scenes and photos, we can get a better taste of the shooting experience of this magical Christmas journey where of course all this fatigue and hassle is treated with a lot of fun and laughter. At the end of December when the organization of the park was coming to an end, a screening was held at the municipal cinema, for all those who wanted to have this magical cinematic experience from the elves of the mill and did not have time to buy one of the DVDs given at the kiosk of the mill. Really, despite all the fatigue and anxiety, we confess that all this leaves for us one of the most beautiful images that everyone would like to live.

Written & Directed: Fotis Passos
Producers: Tolis & Fotis Passos
Executive Producer: Achilleas Argiriou
Assistant Director & VFX Supervisor: Apostolos Passos
Music Composer: Apostolos Gousios
Production Manager: Thanasis Souliotis
Special Make-Up: Stafania Oikonomou
Custom Designer: Mary Gogaki
Hair Stylist: Maria Passou
Narration: Mariam Poligeni


Apostolis Eystathiou
Nikoleta Drakou
Panagiotis Mpakalis
Stefania Oikonomou
Evelina Tana
Fotis Passos