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Kripti Bar (Commercial)

Probably the best alternative hangout in the city with foreign music, which left no one indifferent in its passage. Kripti Bar is a semi-basement space of entertainment and relaxation that has been operating for twenty years. The owner turned to us, after being surprised with our personal commercial, Jose Cuervo, and he wanted something similar. Accepting the proposal with great pleasure, we set about one of the best jobs we have so far. The shooting was divided into three days. The first contained one hour of operation, the second with the space empty and the people that worked there in various poses, and the third with the adjacent space. Based on the storyboards, the concept of the commercial, wanted the pop art aesthetic in the characters, as they unfold in space and all of a sudden with the match of music, they become real. It was very difficult to make these 3-4 long in duration shots because they had to fit perfectly with the digital characters, something that occupied us for three months in post-production.